Top 10 Tips for Tubing in Destin


March 11th, 2014

One of our most popular water sports activities is tubing. Renting a boat and an inflatable tube allows you to enjoy a day of laughter, smiles, and memory-making as you watch the kids (or adults!) skim across the top of the water, splashing in the wake of the boat. Tubing in Destin is the perfect way to add a splash of watersports fun to your Destin vacation!

Note: Tubing isn't allowed by rental insurance companies anymore, so we no longer offer boat rentals with tubes. Look for information on banana boat rides instead! 

As with any activity, safety should always be first, so here are 10 tips for tubing safely while you’re in Destin


  1. Safety First – A life jacket is a must for any tow sport activity, including tubing. We will help you select the proper fitting ski vest that won’t ride up over your head and that provides appropriate impact protection if you go flying.
  3. Be aware of your surroundings – We will provide you with a map and instructions on the safest places to go tubing ahead of time. It is important not to operate in shallow water, near the shoreline, or near docks, pilings, swimmers, and other watercraft. Always keep an eye open for hazards around you!
  5. Turn Off Your Engine - Always turn off your engine when a rider is getting into or out of the water. Besides the obvious danger of a moving propeller, a boat’s exhaust can produce carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas that can be hazardous to your health.
  7. Listen To Your Rider - Remember that a rider has no control of the boat or its speed, so be sure to go over hand signals with the rider before he or she gets in the water. This way, a rider can let you know if they want to turn, slow down, or stop tubing.
  9. One rider at a time! Our insurance company no longer allows tubing with more than one person at a time due to the danger of riders colliding with each other and getting hurt. Maintain caution and only allow one person to tube at a time!
  11. Always Use A Spotter – Required by law in most states, a spotter is someone onboard the boat whose job it is to watch the person on the tube. The spotter should maintain constant visual contact with the rider and relay information to the driver of the boat.
  13. Drive Safely – The driver should always look ahead and be mindful of other boaters and jet ski riders. It can be tempting to turn around and watch the person on the tube. Remember, that’s what the spotter is for! The driver’s job is to watch the water and maintain control of the boat.
  15. Know Your Limits – Always ride within your limits. Operate or participate with control and at speeds appropriate for the age or ability of the rider.
  17. Take Care of Equipment – We will provide instruction on how to properly set up and use the tube and equipment, so that it does not come detached from its cover during your ride and ruin your fun.
  19. Have fun! Tubing is one of the most fun family activities on the water, and is guaranteed, if done right, to create fantastic family memories that you will remember for years to come!


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