How To Do Lunch on the Water in Destin


March 9th, 2013

If you’re spending the day on the water in Destin, either on a rental boat or a fishing charter, chances are you’re wondering what to do for lunch. My family always manages to work up an appetite when we spend the day on a boat, and over the years we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Here’s what we have found:


Lunch at Crab Island: Floating Restaurants and Mobile Food Boats


If you’re spending at least part of the day at Crab Island during the summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day), there are several floating vendors that serve various types of food at Crab Island all season long. You can find hamburgers, hot dogs, wraps, BBQ sandwiches, nachos, hot boiled peanuts (a personal favorite), pizza, and even ice cream at Crab Island. The selection varies a bit depending on the day of the week, with the largest amount of vendors on the weekends. Tip: plan to have plenty of cash on hand as some of these vendors don’t accept credit or debit cards. Also, note that if you would like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, you must bring your own, as alcohol can no longer be sold at Crab Island.


Crab Island restaurants
Floating food vendor at Crab Island


Boat Accessible Restaurants


Another option is to pull up to one of the many Destin restaurants that have boat docks and go inside to eat. There are several places where you can do this, but our favorite places are The Edge, Harbor Docks , Boshamps, The Gulf (at Okaloosa Island) and Dewey Destin’s (on the bay) as they are the most easily accessible by boat and the food is consistently excellent. They all also have a very casual atmosphere, so no one will frown at you for showing up in your boat/beach attire! I personally recommend the shrimp basket (and to-go daiquiris!) at The Edge, grouper sandwich at Dewey Destin’s, BBQ sandwich at Boshamps, sushi or pad thai at Harbor Docks, and a burger at The Gulf. Yum!


Dewey Destin menu
Dewey Destin's menu


Bring a Picnic Lunch


Packing a lunch can also save you time and will help guarantee that you get what you want when hunger strikes. You can order to go food from most establishments in Destin and pack it to go on your boat. Places like Sarah K's gourmet even offer pre-packaged meals that you can pick up and bring with you.

You can't go wrong with a day on the water, and knowing that you have a plan for lunch makes it that much more enjoyable. So try one of these options while you're spending your day on the water, and let me know what you think!


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