5 Kinds of Wildlife to Look For When You Rent a Boat in Destin


April 25th, 2015

Destin is home to many different kinds of wildlife. If you are looking to get out on the water, chance are you will spot at least a few different species that you wouldn't see further inland. Here are 5 kinds of wildlife to look for when you rent a boat in Destin.

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1. Bottlenose Dolphins- bottlenose dolphins have inhabited Destin’s tropical waters since long before Destin Vacation Boat Rentals came around, but we’ve only recently begun to offer a trip dedicated to viewing these playful creatures in the wild. The next time you’re in town, hop on board our  32′ power catamaran for Fury’s brand new Dolphin Tour & Seashell Adventure. It’s a completely different experience from the classic boat rental experience. Captain Rex is often at the helm aboard the Cattywampus and he has years of experience in finding the perfect place to view these graceful beauties in their natural habitat. These mammals are social creatures and swim together in pods, so chances are once you see one, you’re going to spot a whole lot more! It’s truly a unique experience. I know every time I see a dolphin–no matter what boat I’m on–I get a little rush of excitement and jump to my feet. They are such majestic creatures and it’s an experience you just have to have for yourself!




2. Sea Turtles- If you look very closely, sometimes you can spot a sea turtle swimming along on top of the water or just below the surface. On some occasions, I have seen them in the Destin Harbor, the Santa Rosa Sound, and around the Destin jetties, but most often they can be seen out in the gulf when you're heading out for a fishing charter. These creatures, to me, are evn more majestic than the popular dolphin because you see them much less frequently. This video shows a sea turtle swimming along the top of the water near some kayakers. It's not very clear, but it shows you what to look for.



3. Manatee-manatee, also known as sea cows, are typically only seen farther south, but in the past few years they have been spotted more and more along the Emerald Coast. You can sometimes spot them swimming along the coast while you're on a boat or paddleboard, as seen in this video.


4. Cow nose rays often travel in groups. They are beautiful creatures to watch as they appear almost to "fly" underwater.



5. Seabirds-Pelicans and seagulls are the most popular seabirds that you can see on your visit to Destin. You'll see them walking along the docks waiting for the fish to come in, resting on pilings in the water, and wading in the shallows in search of their next meals.

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