Destin Bachelorette Party Idea: Visit Crab Island


February 17th, 2014


Planning a Destin bachelorette party? You've probably heard that Crab Island is THE place to go! There are a few different options for bachelorette groups who are looking for a fun day on the water. We understand the options can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming, so we put this short guide together to compare the various options for your bachelorette party at Crab Island.


  1. Rent a boat. Renting a boat gives you the most flexibility and privacy, as well as the best price depending on your group size. Pontoon boats are the most popular type of boat to rent. They are large, comfortable, seat up to 12, and are VERY easy to drive.  No experience? No problem! If you have a driver's license and can drive a car, your boat rental company can have you cruising in about 15-20 minutes. You will need to designate a DD, though, so keep that in mind. Nothing will ruin your bachelorette party faster than a BUI (Boating Under the Influence), and the laws are strictly enforced. Also, it's worth noting that rental boats do not have restrooms onboard. It's a quick drive back to the dock if you're in need, but you will have to load your group up to return to shore.
  3. Charter a boat. Smaller bachelorette groups can rent a boat with a captain (called a charter). That way you don't have to be responsible for driving if everyone in the group plans to have a few cocktails. Charter sizes will be limited according to the size of the boat and how it's licensed with the Coast Guard, so this may not be a good fit for larger groups. Also, the boat may or may not have a restroom, so if this is important to your party, make sure to check. There are chartered pontoon boats, boats with slides, and even floating tiki boats!
  5. Take a Crab Island boat tour. You can purchase tickets to go on a boat tour to Crab Island. A captain will drive the boat and all of its passengers to Crab Island for the allotted amount of time. You can mingle with other guests or hang in a group by yourselves once you disembark at the sandbar.  Larger tour boats are specially licensed to carry more than 6 passengers, so capacity is limited to the amount of passengers the Coast Guard determines that particular boat can carry. We offer tour boats that can seat from 26 up to 49 passengers, and restrooms are required, so there's no need to pack up your group to return to shore in the middle of the party. Note that this option will generally not be private unless you book all of the seats on the boat, which brings us to...
  7. Private tour to Crab Island. You can rent out a whole tour boat to go to Crab Island. The captain and crew will be onboard to assist your group, everyone can enjoy a few drinks, and you'll have a restroom facility on the boat for your convenience. This is perfect if you have a large group so your whole group can be together on one boat rather than having to split up on different boats. We have boats that can accommodate 10-49 passengers for private trips here.

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Check out our boat rentals and Crab Island excursions for  more information about planning a memorable bachelorette party in Destin, and contact us at (850) 650-2628 for more details!


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